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This Is A Bunch of Bullshit.

When there is a K-9 unit on site that should’ve clued people in.

People still think this is about eggs, it was NEVER about the eggs. This raid has been a long time coming (a year and a half). The LA Sheriffs Department has probably been building shit up since late 2012. 2013 just provided them with more stuff to add to the file. The loud parties. The spitting incident. The speeding incident.

I don’t believe that egging a HOUSE would cause $20,000 worth of damage, I just can’t see it. The egging incident just gave them the foot in the door they’ve been looking for to be able to raid his house.

As far as the drugs: let me set something straight. They said that the entire house (with the exception of one of his security guards and another staff member) were ASLEEP when the cops arrived.

He was freaked out because he was awaken from his sleep, taken downstairs where there were cops, and then subsequently told that the cops had a warrant to search the house. If they were his he’d probably be thinking that they would find the place where he last used them. But the cops found the drugs in Za’s room with Za’s stuff.

I feel that the confiscation and dismantling of the entire security system is over the line. They could’ve easily taken the footage from last week.

It’s now being reported by TMZ that J is worried about what conversations and pictures the cops may find on his cell phone (which they also confiscated). How exactly would they know how he’s feeling in terms of his cell phone. I doubt him or the people he’s with have talked to anyone about anything regarding how he’s feeling about what may be found on his phone, especially not to TMZ, people who get some sick delight j. The turmoil that he’s been facing.

My favorite thing throughout this whole situation has to be the know NOTHING fans. I’ve seen people saying things from Za took the fall for J to J needs to admit they’re his drugs and grow up to calling him a junkie. Firstly, we know NOTHING about what’s really going. Secondly, he does not need any of you preaching to him (albeit it through twitter, but preaching nonetheless) Thirdly, on what authority do you have to judge him when 95% of you have never smoked or experienced anything in your life.

I usually laugh at the shit that happens in this fan base because this fan base is full of some serious HYPOCRITES.

I seen a fan who constantly talks trash about him, always has something negative to say about something involving him, and then begs for a follow, turn around and say that she does the very thing that she accuses (yes, at this point it’s an accusation because we don’t really know what’s going on) him of doing. How exactly does that work?!? I was in such disbelief when I read that.

I’ve told my friends on many different occasions that I CAN’T and WON’T judge or bash him on the things that he may (or may not) be doing because I’m neither his judge or jury.

A lot of people (yes, fans even) like to joke about how he doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s just gonna continue to do the shit because he thinks it’s a game. I’m sure he’s well aware of how serious this entire situation is and people need to give him a little more credit.

I said I usually laugh at the shit that happens in this fan base but this is no where near funny. Fans cracking jokes, fans who’ve got nothing but negative things to say about him anyway feel as if they’ve been proven right, and then the ones who really may be in denial.

In all honesty, I think he needs time away from EVERYTHING, to get the hell out of LA and take a vacation somewhere with his mom and grandparents. Just get away from it all, especially social media.

Sometimes I have to stop myself from saying what’s REALLY on my mind. Why? Bc what I may say can be considered as bitchy and rude…

Yeah, that happened๐Ÿ˜’

I have a friend who’s religious. Now, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that but she does things that just makes me have a permanent ๐Ÿ˜’ face around her.
We’ll be talking about something and all of a sudden she throws Jesus into it. Every conversation we have does not a need a segue into Jesus . Today we were having a conversation about how she puts lotion and oil on her face, I told her it weirds me out to put things like that on my face which is why I don’t do it. Her response: “Jesus weirds some people out” ๐Ÿ˜’ In what way, shape, or form did that conversation have to do with Jesus ? NOTHING. I told her this and her response: “why do you get so angry when I bring up Jesus” My response: “I’m not angry and I don’t get angry when you bring him up but you bring him up every five seconds” Her: “that’s the first time I’ve brought him up” Me: “yes, the first time you’ve brought him up this semester and the first time you’ve brought him up today”
She just stared at me.
Let me explain something: I believe in Jesus and I believe him to be my savior.
With that being said, I will NOT pretend that I’m this holier than thou person who can do no wrong.

Last semester, whenever is cuss my friend would go “I’ll pray for you”….I’m a smartass by nature so I responded “you can pray all you want but I talk like this often which means that when I wake up I’ll still gonna talk like this. That’s just me.” *shrugs*

I don’t have a problem with Jesus like I said, I believe in him and that he’s my savior BUT I’m not gonna bring him up every five seconds in random conversations. I also told her that the way she does it is like shoving him down a persons throat. I’m not for that.

I’m not annoyed by Jesus, I’m annoyed by her constantly throwing him in random conversation like he’s a segue for every topic.


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The question isn’t what are we going to do. The question is what aren’t we going to do.

"Strangers say more important things to each other than they can ever say to their friends,"

- John Hughes (via behappyandshitrainbows)